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This report compares the use and functionality of six geographic information system (GIS) web applications from governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and universities used to support international renewable energy (RE) development.Get price


Jan 09, 2018 · The Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) is a compact assembly consisting of multiple components enclosed in a metallic covering with compressed sulphur hexafluoride (gaz sf6) gas as an insulating medium.Get price

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Renewable Energy GIS Data The Renewable Energy Program develops, maintains and uses GIS data for a wide range of activities related to planning, assessment and environmental review of renewable energy project s on the Outer Continental Shelf.Get price

GIS Substation Design and Execution HV and EHV GIS

2014/04 - Houston - CED – GIS - 3 GIS introduction 1/7 Sulfr hexafluoride properties 1/3 zA GIS is the implementation, within a complete HV substation, of the remarkable sulphur hexafluoride (Sulfr hexafluoride) properties in terms of voltage withstand and current interruption zsf6 gas main data zNeutral gas: insulators and live parts are perfectly protectedGet price

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Economic BenefitsSocial BenefitsEnvironmental BenefitsA region, province or state (more generally an administrative unit) may benefit from exploiting and using RES through: 1. federal and state subsidies 2. lower energy bills 3. increase in foreign direct investment (FDI) 4. increase in real-estate value 5. increase in RES supplier revenues 6. decrease in dependency on energy imports 7. increase in security of energy supply 8. economic value of the entire supply chain involved in RES. The level of subsidies will determine RES investments and development. Federal and state subsidies can be simply mapped and do not need a derived parameter as an indicator (Figure 1). Lower energy bills resulting from use of RES can be indicated by comparison with average electricity and natural-gas prices across an administrative unit. Increase in FDI can be quantified either as a percentage of contribution of RES to the total FDI on all energy sources, and as a percentage of contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP). An indicator for the increase...Get price

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Solar thermal power grew from almost no presence at 8 GWh in 2007 to 5,085 GWh by 2015. Renewable thermal and other sources have grown from around 2,589 GWh in 2007 to 4,625 GWh in 2015. Total electricity generation from all sources has fallen in Spain from 288 TWh in 2007 to 267 TWh by 2015, a fall of around 7%.Get price

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Gas-insulated single-pole bus ducts with a total length of 2,700 meters connect the GIS accommodated in the 85-meter-long switchgear building with the air-insulated part of the substation. The 245-kV breakers were the world’s first of its kind to switch a short-circuit current of 80 kA.Get price

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Sep 30, 2019 · The initial equipment cost of GIS is usually higher than that of conventional Air Insulated Substation (AIS). Preventative maintenance of substation equipment and transmission lines. The advantage and life cycle cost analysis are generally considered before deciding for GIS. The land area required for a GIS substation is in the order of 10% to 20% of that for an AIS substation considering the switchgear bay.Get price

Gas insulated substation (GIS) versus Air insulated

Oct 28, 2020 · The maintenance cost of GIS and AIS shall be equivalent. The cost for training in GIS is higher than in AIS. 4. Outage cost. Since the failure rate of GIS is lower, the outage cost of AIS shall be greater. 5. Disposal cost. The cost of decommissioning and disposal after use should be capitalized. The value of future expense must be taken intoGet price

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- Multi-geography experience of Energy/ Power projects in India, UK, Spain, UAE, Oman and KSA, with exposure to local/ global energy markets in power distribution, renewable energy, climate change, energy efficiency, DSM, energy regulations, codes, policies and practices.Get price

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Substations with the future built in: Your benefits Decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization – everything that will shape the energy systems of the future is already highly concentrated in digital substations. With their availability, these substations are able to introduce cost-effectiveness and sustainability into the power supply.Get price

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Feb 21, 2018 · GIS mapping allows an operator to easily extract data from the exact location that the fault occurred, passing this to the engineer for more intelligent maintenance. For the energy industry, GIS technology provides an opportunity to better understand remote operations, enables more effective maintenance and could dramatically minimises downtimeGet price

WEG supplies large transformer to Brazilian Substation Furnas

May 26, 2021 · The equipment will serve as stand-by for the 4 transformers in the synchronous compensator systemGet price

New renewable energy transmission line will bring substation

May 28, 2021 · The 550-mile SunZia Southwest Transmission Project renewable energy transmission line will have a substation in Graham County. With a location slated for three miles north of the Cochise CountyGet price

WEG supplies large transformer to Brazilian Substation Furnas

May 26, 2021 · The equipment will serve as stand-by for the 4 transformers in the synchronous compensator systemGet price

Spain to offer $215 million in renewable energy subsidies

Sep 10, 2020 · Spain will inject 181 million euros ($215 million) of state funds into renewable energy projects in seven regions, aiming to boost employment and cut carbon emissions, its Energy and EnvironmentGet price

GE Renewable Energy Secures 5-Year FSA with Naturgy in Spain

Jun 11, 2020 · GE Renewable Energy Secures 5-Year FSA with Naturgy in Spain. June 11, 2020. Agreement covers maintenance for 13 Eco-80 turbines. Increases GE’s servicing contracts with Naturgy to nearly 100 turbines. Barcelona, Spain, June 11, 2020 - GE Renewable Energy today announced that it has been selected by Naturgy to provide a 5-year full-service agreement (FSA) for the La Rabia Wind Farm in Spain.Get price

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Maintenance in GIS doesn’t only depend on the machines shutdown; it goes much further than this. As it is linked to the bus bar and transmission line, maintenance occurs throughout the year. The last path of Itaipu’s energy before falling into the system is the Gas Insulated Substation or GIS, on elevation 128.Get price

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Apr 18, 2017 · We deliver high quality turnkey substations 2. Engineering packages 3. FACTS devices/Systems 4. Energy Storage Systems Our Vision 1. Best supplier for the renewable market. 2. Allowing minimum LCOE, fast tracking delivery , new technologies, optimizing risk and policies, service included in added valueGet price

ABB’s mobile gas-insulated switchgear helps Statnett

Sep 07, 2016 · Mobile integrated gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) supplies power and ensures continuous substations operations during grid expansion. Norway is in the forefront of renewable energy and has set ambitious targets to meet 67.5 percent 1 of its electricity needs from renewables by 2020, which is the highest in Europe.Get price

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Sep 29, 2020 · Spain is focusing on increasing the use of renewable energy and estimates spending USD 14.8 million per year until 2030 for energy storage to decrease CO2 emissions. Renewable energy in Spain reached 52 percent and, for the first time, exceeded the other generation technologies with the integration of an additional 6,528 MW of new renewableGet price

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Jun 25, 2018 · Effective and easier maintenance through automatic monitoring. Sensors, electronics and software monitor the status of the primary and as well the secondary devices of a substation for the optimization of maintenance activities. Each of these benefits is significant for any project, but the synergy is quite relevant to renewable energy projects.Get price

Gas Insulated Switchgear Market Size, Share Global Report, 2026

Market TrendsMarket DriversMarket RestraintSegmentationRegional AnalysisKey Industry PlayersKey Industry DevelopmentsReport CoverageRequest a Free sampleto learn more about this report. Increasing Energy Demand Fuel Market Growth The growing population and growing rate of urbanization are likely to increase the demand for energy across the globe. According to the United Nations report in 2018, about 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, which is projected to increase to 68% by 2050. The extensive population shifting to cities is increasing the demand for electricity. Moreover, enormous construction activities to build commercial spaces, business parks, and housing societies are set to spike power demand. Hence, the space constraint in urban localities and growing energy demand is projected to further propel the gas insulated switchgear market growth during the forecast period.Get price

Smart-Grid Renewable Energy Needs Intelligent Substations

Aug 28, 2015 · These substation IEDs will provide a critical link in the entire system, interfacing on the one hand with energy sources—small and large, renewable and traditional—and on the other interfacingGet price

Substation Automation Basics - The Next Generation

• Level 2 Substation Data Concentrator – The substation data concentrator should poll each device (both electronic and other) for analog values and status changes at data collection rates consistent with the utility’s SCADA system (e.g., status points every 2 sec, tie-line and generator analogs every 2 sec, and remaining analog valuesGet price

GE Awarded Substation Contract by Millennium Challenge in

Oct 08, 2020 · Contract totaling US$47 million awarded to GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Installation of four substations and seven extensions strengthens electricity supply security in Benin, while additional energy capacity helps foster economic development and growth Project builds on Grid’s commitment to the continent to help drive local economies Porto Nova, Benin — October 8, 2020 — GE Renewable Energy’s Grid SolutionsGet price

Tracking the pros cons of air and gas substations

Jun 28, 2018 · Tracking the pros cons of air and gas substations. Taking into consideration that the cost of a GIS indoor substation is much higher compared to an AIS substation, it’s handy to have a quick reference guide to the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor substations, writes John Greyling, switchgear specialist and Director of Hevilex, South Africa.Get price

Electricity: NDPHC completes 22 sub stations, others | Energy

May 26, 2021 · The renewable energy department was recently created to facilitate NDPHC’s venture into power generation, using on-grid and off-grid renewable energy sources to provide efficient, clean, affordable, and universal access to electricity for more Nigerians, and meet the vision of renewables, making 30 per cent of the national energy mix by 2030Get price

Offshore Substation Design Development of Standards

BSEE and BOEM as to what additional standards may be applicable to offshore substation design as the agencies update their regulations. These recommendations will take into account the critical nature of the substation to the operation of the wind farm, while also considering costs of the structures when recommending standards.Get price